This Week’s Newsletters: Healthcare in 2023 And Virtuous Climate Tipping Points

Another week, another set of newsletters.

In this week’s InnovationRx newsletter, I wrap up my time at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference by looking ahead to what the year will bring in heatlhcare by chatting with a couple of analysts from Pitchbook and getting their thoughts on the conference. I also explored a new study in which researchers discovered antibodies that bind to SARS-CoV-2 in two different places. The upshot of this is that it paves the way for more durable antibody therapies and vaccines against Covid-19, giving humans a leg up against a virus that can mutate rapidly.

In this week’s Current Climate newsletter, I took a look at a new report that explores potential virtuous climate tipping points: areas of the economy that have the potential to rapidly accelerate the economy into being more sustainable. On the transportation side of the house, my colleague Alan Ohnsman takes a look at how trains can be made smarter (which leads to them being faster) and at how car companies are leaving money on the table by not building smaller, more utilitarian electric vehicles.

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